Bushcraft Courses in Snowdonia

Join us for a unique and fun bushcraft experience in Snowdonia! You'll learn the basics of tying knots, creating shelter, sourcing wood and fuel, lighting a fire using different methods and simple knife craft! A perfect activity for friends, families or small groups. We'll start by looking at the different types of shelters and how to choose the most suitable then practise tying knots before erecting a shelter. Then we discuss knives and knife law before starting to prepare the tools and materials needed to complete our shelter and start a fire!

Roasting marshmallows are part of the experience and we can also extend the session to include preparation of game, baking of bread and sourcing of water!

The cost is an inclusive day rate which means when you book, it is exclusively booked for you alone or for you and up to 5 additional members of your group. This means unlike other companies, we won't cancel your booking because of insufficient numbers. We keep our ratios low so that you get a personal, quality experience and whether you are a solo traveller or you bring some friends along, we'll make sure that you are looked after.

3 hour course - knots, shelter, tools, fuel, ignition and fire and fire safety

5 hour course - knots, shelter, tools, fuel, ignition and fire and fire safety as well as preparation of game, bread and sourcing water

Private course - contact us for tailored, private bushcraft courses

3 hour Bushcraft Course

3 hour Bushcraft Course

Join us for a unique and fun 3 hour bushcraft experience in Snowdonia!...